Today we mated our female Werra Daxis with Orin z Města karafiátů. If it succeeds, the puppies will be born in mid-August. Preliminary reservations for puppies are already accepted.

We received official X-ray results of our female Enny Red Hurricane (Qvenn x Arlett) - HD B and ED 0/0.

All puppies from litter H has already gone to new homes.


On Saturday 8.6.2019 was the 2nd meeting of our kennel Red Hurricane. The weather was good for us and our dogs, we talked, we trained, we made beautiful photos and I think we all enjoyed it very much!
I very much appreciate all those who have accepted our invitation and come to talk to us, You do not know how pleased I!!!
Thank you owners of Adriana, Aileen, Argo, Brick, Bailee, Cirus and Wega, Eireen, Finn, Funny, Fey, Garp, Geronimo, Gita and Kira, Beky ze Skalky u Doks, that you came to see us with your darlings and show how he grew up! You give them all great care !! Thank you for that! ;-)

Link to photogallery from meeting (HERE)


We added new video of puppies from litter H 5 weeks old (HERE)

Litter E Red Hurricane (Qvenn x Arlett) celebrated first birthday on 22.5.2019 ;-) We got beautiful pictures of boys Eragon and Eram, who lives in the USA. Both boys have wonderful families ;-) We wish only the best for the whole litter!!!


We took new photos of puppies at the age of 3 weeks.

We have received new photos of our offspring from litter G (Qvenn x Werra) - Garry, Geronimo, Garp and Gita.

This weekend passed Bailee Red Hurricane the examination SPR 2. Congratulations to the owner


Tuesday 23.4. early in the morning puppies from Pandora z Krupičkova mlýna and Kros Best of the Gods were born. 3 boys and 6 girls in total.



13.4.2019 was mating our female Arlett Iluze with Orin z Města Karafiátů. If it succeeds, we can expect puppies in mid-June.

We received a video of our offspring Bard Red Hurricane (Arlett x Qvenn) from the first defense training after winter. Super work !!! Keep it up!!! ( HERE )


Sonographic examination was yesterday confirmed pregnancy by our Pandora with Kros Best of the Gods.
We accept reservations for puppies.


Pandora is in the beginning of heat period. We plan to mate her.


Puppies from litter G are slowly moving to new homes.


We are still getting new photos of our offspring. We thank all owners.

Barny (left), Berry, Funny, Debbie Red Hurricane

All puppies are already sold.

Puppies were born from connection Qvenn z Krupičkova mlýna and Werra Daxis (5 males a 1 female)

In the puppies section, we added current photos at the age of 4 weeks.