Yesterday was born litter E in our kennel yesterday. This is the last repeated connection between Arlett and Qvenn. We have 8 babies in total - 4 boys and 4 girls.

Two males are still available.

Yesterday Berry Red Hurricane fulfilled the breed survey with code 1st class 5JX1/P ;-) We are very pleased and congratulations to the owner Natália Chromcová.

On Thursday our Qvenn mated Ammy z Krupičkova mlýna. If it succed, the puppies will be born in the Kennel z Liboku in the middle of July.

Arlett 14 days to the birth of puppies.

Yesterday was again a successful day for our kennel ;-)

Bard Red Hurricane (Šamp.ČR Qvenn z KM x Arlett Iluze) successfully completed with his owner Míša another test ZVV1 and became the 3rd breeding child of this litter !!! Good work!!!
Cirus Red Hurricane (Šamp.ČR Zamp z KM x Arlett Iluze) took part in the International Dog Show in Prague where he ran 1st place - Excellent with titles CAC, CACIB, BOB!!! Excellent work Zuzana Simonová, great thanks for the presentation of Cirus belongs to Marek Chroust !!!

I congratulate both girls very much and thank you very much for the representation of our kennel !!!

Last weekend was successful for our offspring of litter B (Arlett Iluze x Qvenn z Krupičkova mlýna).

Bailee Red Hurricane successfully passed SPR1 defensive test, a big congratulation once again behind the owner Lenka.
Berry Red Hurricane successfully passed the IPO1 exam and became the next breeding child of this litter ;-) Great congratulation Natálie Chromcová !!!

Thank you both for the time you put in the training !!!

Yesterday celebrated the second birthday of the litter B Kennel Ze Skalky u Doks after Nela z Ladvelu and our Qvenn. In the pictures two females Beky and Bessi.

So we have another two breeding females in our kennel.

Werra Daxis (18 months) she ran on April 8, 2018 at the exhibition in Štětí in the young dog class 3rd place (till the last moment was 2 before she started talking: D: D) with a rating very good.
We also took part in a breed survey where Werra received the breed survey code 1st class 5X1/P. She was also the youngest member of breed survey.

Pandora z Krupičkova mlýna (almost two years old) also took part in breed survey and received the breed survey code 1st class 5JI2/P.

The exhibition and breed survey judged Mr. Ing. Jiri Novotny.

Thanks a lot for deriving both girls and thank you very much Martince Košařová !!! For a great job of defending, great thanks go to Pete Häusler !!!

Today's photo of Arlett.

We also received photographs of Qvenn's offspring from the connection with Nela z Ladvelu - Bacco and Beky ze Skalky u Doks.

Today we had a doubly successful day with our girls. Werra Daxis (18 months) today successfully passed the ZVV1 exam ;-) In very, very unfavorable weather ;-)

Pandora z Krupičkova mlýna she ran 3rd place in the Sezimovo Ústí exhibition in young dog class with a very good rating ;-)

We are very happy.

We are very happy. Our offspring Cirus Red Hurricane have RTG negative. Congratulations to the owner.

Yesterday, our litter D celebrated our first birthday. On the photos are Debbie and Dorothea Red Hurricane.

We have received new photos of the siblings from the litter C (1,5 year) - Cirus, Cezan, Cliff.

We receivedvideo from the training of our offspring Cirus Red Hurricane.

3.2. in Kennel Z Krupičkova mlýna was born from connection Šamp.ČR Qvenna z Krupičkova mlýna a VT,r.CAC Caroll z Krupičkova mlýna 7 puppies - 6 females a 1 male. If you are interested in a puppy please contact breeder Jana Plačková on tel.: 721 978 437.

We also received a current photograph of our puppy Berry Red Hurricane.

Caroll z Krupičkova mlýna mated by our Qvennem is pregnant. Puppies are born in Kennel Z Krupičkova mlýna at the beginning of February.

We've added 3 new videos from training our females - Pandora, Werra a Korrida.